Grade inflation has the nasty side effect of making your degree worthless. For every bozo that makes it through your degree program because of grade inflation, or the related fact that the profs. are scared of failing some one, the value of your diploma plummets.

Taking the Harvard example above, if Harvard churns out too many dopey people with good grades, people are going to start realizing that a degree from Harvard does not mean that this person actually knows what they are talking about. Carried to an extreme, grade inflation may create a situation where graduates are barely functional in their area of study.

Basically, we, as teachers, have got to start failing people who don't know their stuff. Not because we are mean, or because they are dumb, but because that is the truth. When we honestly evaluate our students and are honestly evaluated by our teachers, then everyone knows what is what. The teacher can try to improve their teaching and the student can try to improve their study habits or change majors.

Grade inflation is just some kind of strange group delusion that must be stopped.