A wonderful recipe which has it all: it's cheap (only £1.2 per pan), totally vegan and very easy to prepare. Not to mention the taste - yummy! If you are an omnivore, this will make a wonderful side dish for roast meat or somesuch.

I don't use exact quantities in my recipes, since I firmly believe inspiration and experimentation are to be encouraged instead of following rigid instructions written down by somebody else. Besides, this dish is almost impossible to ruin, so have fun.


8 or so potatoes
2 red apples
a big onion or two
some leek
garlic according to taste
6 dl vegetable stock (I use Marigold's Swiss Vegetable Bouillon, but anything goes)
vegetable cooking oil


Chop the apples, garlic, leek and onions. Cook them in a frying pan with some oil (add ingredients to the pan in reverse order to above: start with onions, after a few minutes add leek etc.) Start filling a large oven dish by lining the bottom with potato slices. Add a layer of apple, leek and onion stew. Then more potatoes, more stew as long as you have ingredients left. Cover it with a final layer of potatoes, then pour your veggie stock on top of it all - it should nicely cover the top layer. Let it all cook in a hot oven (about 250C) for one hour or less, depending how things are looking. You might want to stir occasionally when the casserole is cooking, to ensure that your potatoes get a good soaking in the stock.

Cheers for Lord NAgasaki for a minor but important point. :)