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Third-party Softlinking for the ages. Also, to overcome the urge to node crap, and nurture the urge to node beauty and possibility.
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we are the ones we've been waiting for.
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I'm not going to node for XP. I'm going to node to establish eternal life. My nodes will be expressions of who I am, and what I know and believe in, and with any luck, they will outlive me like children. Nodes I have planned: "Sadhus" (or is it "Saddhus"?) Better research that first.

Overheard in the chatterbox:
{Infinite Burn} while we're on the subject of soy, does anybody know how to get soy stains off of a leather cock ring?

New Favorite game: Softlinking any appropriate node to I Wish I Could Change the Meaning of This Word So I Could Use it To Name my Child.