A main character of the famous novel Gone with the wind, she was described as a shy, benevolent, optimistic, children-loving young woman. Married to Ashley Wilkes, she was long hated by Scarlett O'Hara, who was jealous because she loved the same man. By returning hate with love, Melanie finally got appreciation by Scarlett, after being one of the most popular people of the society for a long time.

In my opinion, her most memorable quote is: "She only did what she felt she had to do. And our men did what they felt they had to do. People must do what they must do. We don't all think alike or act alike and it's wrong to judge others by ourselves." I intensely agree with this. It is often hard to say what is The Right Thing and what is wrong. For example, should a woman stay at home doing housework, or should she have a job? As much as we support her choosing the latter, she can do the former if she find it better suited for her or her family. In either case, it is not up to us to judge upon her. In short, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, as long as noone else is harmed.