RU Screw is a phrase frequently heard at Rutgers University. The phrase is used when a student has a very negative experience usually involving money, credits, or community service caused by the university or its faculty.

A few examples:

  • If a student during high-school takes calculus 1, 2, 3 and differential equations and gets dual credit for them with a local college, that student will have to start at calculus 1 for the simple reason that the classes were taken inside of a high-school building.
  • Small amounts of laxatives are alleged to be added to the food, and the bathrooms are outside the dining area. As a result to go to the bathroom one must leave the dining hall and then be charged for another meal to come back in.
  • The Rutgers bus system.

    The concept of RU screw is beginning to embody the personality of Rutgers. With around 50,000 students its understandable that there is some break down, but it seems that parts of the university are specifically engineered to sabotage our happy shiny lives.