To begin I will define two words before I spout my useless propaganda. First and foremost I will define, romance; a love affair, a term loosely used for various sorts of actions predominantly tender or intimate in mood. Then there is love; a powerfull emotion felt for another person manifesting itself in deep affection.

I see people around me tag romance in with love far too often than they should. You see, romance really has nothing to do with love, in fact I believe it to play a big role in seduction. I mean what exactly are the motives behind romance? If not a subtle way of seducing somebody? People look at being romantic as a way to show love.

Is this a true and honest way of showing love? or just another subtle method to get into someone's pants? Johny took Suzy for a walk on the beach in the moonlight, gee wiz that is so romantic.

Romance today is, like mentioned in the other write-ups in this node, a money making method of corporate America. "Be romantic, give her a Hallmark!", or "Show her you love her, buy her some Russel Stover chocolates." It really is pathetic the lengths people will go to, to get into a girls pants. It just is ridiculous. I'm sure I could go on forever about this subject, but I think I will conclude with a simple thought.

Think about it, romance=seduction, not love. And yet people get duped into having sex with somebody that doesn't love them, because they were, "romantic". Just a thought.