This recipe is formulated to be vegan.
It ought to take about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Thoroughly mix dry ingredients (flour, baking soda, sugar) in a large bowl. Next pour in the vegetable oil, mix until it is well distributed into very small clumps. Warm the margarine till it is soft, I prefer to put the stick in the toaster oven for a minute or two with its wrapper still on. Now mix the margarine in, it helps to do this with your hands, it is important to make sure that it is very well worked in with the rest of the dough. Now we will add the water, keep in mind that the amount you need to add will vary and so add it in small portions until the right consistancy is achieved. You may need signifigantly more or less water depending on variations in your ingredients, just be patient and it will all work. The consistancy that we are shooting for is a slightly moist one, such that all of the flour in the mixture is used up completely, the dough is wet to the touch, and it is not at all crumbly. Now spread some flour around on the surface which you are going to roll the dough out on. Split the dough into two lumps, one slightly larger than the other which will be the bottom of the crust, the small lump will be the top. Roll the dough out from the center, if it breaks or tears, do not worry. Gather dough from the edges of the crust you are rolling, place them beneath the dough where the crack or tear has formed and roll it out. Roll the crust to a size that is roughly 4 inches in diameter greater than your pie pan. Make sure the pan is oiled/greased before putting the dough into it. This dough cooks best at 375 for 1 hour exactly.