I feel bad because I don't go to church anymore. It didn't even cross my mind, but I feel bad now. I also forgot to meet my lab partner to work on our project together, meaning that I'm stuck working on it by myself for the next couple of days because I feel bad about that too. Those are the things that I didn't do, so what did I do, you might ask?

Discovered that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is an extremely tripped out movie. I didn't finish it the night before so I watched the rest of it and my mind was blown. The last time I'd seen that movie was in 3rd grade and I hadn't remembered it being THAT fucked up. I can't wait to watch it tripping sometime, I'm sure that it's one of those movies that they intentionally put stuff in there to fuck with tripping people. If you've ever watched the Matrix on drugs, you know what I'm talking about.

Ate lasagne and watched Cruel Intentions. Got drunk again. I'm really turning into a lush.

That's ALL I did. Amazing how easy it is for me to waste a day away...