We were on his couch, and he was kissing me. This is not unusual, for we have kissed on this same couch more times than I can count. He leaned me back onto the arm of the couch and kissed my neck, then slid a hand underneath my skirt. I made him stop (as I always intend to do), I told him, "Love is supposed to be beautiful, and we're making a mockery of it."

Then I was in the car, my mother was driving on the turnpike. The sky was some sunset hue of orange and purple, the trees were black in silhouette, and I notice a car that's driving slightly strange on the road, but in the strange light of entry into night I mistake it for a trick of the eyes. Then we come across the car, and it's making a three-point turn in the middle of the interstate. Not smart, we broadsided the thing, but surprisingly, barely felt a bump. Not bad for hitting something head on doing 80.

They didn't seem to be too surprised either, though they flew forward on the road, hitting the median then spinning off of it. They managed to right themselves and continue driving as if nothing had happened, though their bumper was shredded and the engine was shooting off sparks in neon orange arcs...

I was in deep space (abandoned...are you ready?)...I was alone, but I had my mission. I just didn't know what it was yet. And I am pulled, I see my earth, my home, and am yanked back. I see every one of the planets as I fly past them, I see our solar system, and I continue to pull back, I see our galaxy, I see many galaxies, I see the entire cluster to which we belong and it's an opalescent dolphin made of stardust, with our Milky Way as it's shining eye.

Yes, but what about the mission? My field of vision shifts and I see another cluster of galaxies, another translucent dolphin near our own. And I realize what I have to do, I have to make the other dolphin love my own...I know how to do this, I have the power to make the stars fall in love. The eye of the other dolphin, a galaxy that shines like our own...quickly extinguishes, then reignites. It winked at me, at us all, and the light shone toward us, and our light toward it, and met in the middle, creating a rose-colored nebula. It was love, it was creation.

I flew through a burst of orange-pink stratocumulus, and I was home.

And then I was awake.