YES! Finaly, I am online again! I haven't had access to E2 or any other part of the Internett for about two weeks now, and BOY it feels good to be logged on again!

I am in Eilat right now, at the southernmost point of Israel. Crazy as this must seem, I am on a schooltrip, from Norway to Israel. We have seen Jerusalem, Eilat,parts of Egypt (Cairo) too.

Now many people from all over the world may say this seems a little crazy, to visit a state like Israel at a time when it is all over the news because of conflicts bordering to war, but this what I would like to say to anybody who reads this:
Despite the Intifada and the conflicts, Israel is not a very dangerous place to visit.

There are conflicts in some parts of the country, but other parts of the country are functioning almost like normal. It is true that you can see boys and girls at age 18-21 (+-) carrying machineguns in the streets and public places, (they are soldiers. Boys do 3 years in the army here, girls do 1 i think.) but apart from this it it hard to tell that the country is in the conflicts we keep hearing about in the news. We go to pubs and clubs at night, we go swimming and relax on the beach in daytime. I have taken my Advanced Open Water diving-license a few days ago, and life is beautifull.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Or Shalom, as it is here.
My best greetings to all of you from Eilat. So Long!