Is it cool to smoke? According to some, it's almost as uncool as licking the under side of a frenchman's shoes. Smoking actually kicked me up a notch on the grade-of-coolness chart during my early days in high school. I would say that the coolness of it is an age dependant thing. At this time in life, I don't feel as hot as i did back then, when I instinctively reach for my pack of cigarettes. I feel afraid. How many times have i tried to quit? Too many. Well, tomorrow I'm going at it again, as of the time I wake up in the morning I will never have a smoke again. The sad thing is that I already have prepared myself for the feeling of disappointment , the feeling that comes sneaking up on you after that disastrous I-can't-drink-this-beer-without-a-cigarette cigarette next saturday.

I need to summon some more courage to manage to quit. But I'm still going to quit tomorrow. Again.