The King Solomon's Reef Restaurant and Lounge, in Olympia Washington.

When someone under 21 refers to 'The Reef,' they're talking about the restaurant, the front part, where baby K-punks go to drink coffee and eat cheese fries.

Cool things about The Reef:
There is no non-smoking section. The reef is hardcore.
The price for coffee is not on the menu. It's posted behind the counter. Like fish, except that Folger's generally isn't a seasonal item..
They have those touch-screen electronic games. Two.

If someone over 21 is talking about 'The Reef,' they mean the bar in back.

Cool things about The Reef:
Open from 6am till 2am every day. Even holidays. The reef is hardcore.
The drinks are cheap and strong and occasionally free.
They have a touch-screen electronic game. A pornographic one.
People-watching. Serves as a good reminder of what's bad about alcoholism.