the macintosh's new policy of deconstructionalism, with it's avante garde take on ergonomics (see form over function), has created a breed of input devices similar in functionality to a leg or arm that ends at the joint. though in many senses, these will do the job just as well once the user learns to work with them, the unfamiliar interface can cause confusion and frustration in users not equipped with such experience.

thus, the prosthetic mouse. (this may not be it's real name - it probably isn't.) the prosthetic mouse slips over the end of a g4 or imac mouse to make it feel more like a conventional mouse. it solves the problem of the difficultly shaped object turning itself around in one's hand and other problems associated with mac's ill-advised design. the one thing perhaps lacking is a right-click button. but certainly such an addition would violate everything macs stand for, and so users must make due with merely regaining the level of comfort they had previously become accustomed to.