For some women, the highest order of compliment one can receive. Think about it.. We associate the word bitch, when used as an insult, with a girl who stands up for herself, does not hesitate to use her razor-sharp wit on anyone who fails to give her enough respect, takes care of herself, puts her own needs first, and is just generally a badass, even to the point of being willing to defend herself physically.

A bitch is, in short, everything a woman is not supposed to be - complacent, matronly and selfless, delicate, dependent, and sweet. Actually, calling a woman a bitch is a lot accusing her of trying to be a man. Not to say that a self-declared bitch isn't proud of her feminity, but we live in a man's world. No one gives you credit for raising brilliant kids or giving to and caring for others at every opportunity. Worth as a person is determined by success and power. That's what a bitch is, someone playing that game, pusuing those ends. When that type of person comes in the shape of a woman, some people get scared or confused and call her a bitch.

So she says, "Thank you."