It's happening again

I can feel the spirit of code - crunching coming over me. It's been a long time since I've had a huge large project laid out in front of me, considering that work this summer was systems engineering, not software development. But back at school, it's called homework, and it's taking over my mind, and I'm loving it.

Case in point: In the midsts of a party last night, after engaging in some heavy drinking, even, i popped into my room to fine-tune my code. A revelation had occured to me somewhere between the shots of Jack Daniel's and Smirnoff, and I just had to fix it.

The party, as a whole, was hugely succesful, from both a personal and fraternical standpoint. Very large number of people in attendance (spread the word about a Balloon Party, the rare white elephant of parties on campus, and the kids just flock). As for me, I secured two dates (with two different people... ).

An intimate moment with her right before she walked out the door.. whispers and an almost half kiss, but no... it was gone.

Then back to the party; had quit drinking to dry out and re-caught up with Goose and Cougar, and we retired to my room, laughing and enjoying each others stories of the night's activities.