note to self, november 3, november 4, 2000:

self. you had a fucking amazing day, a fucking amazing night. why?


  • you just watched an amazing film, high fidelity, and it felt like it cleaned out your spirit.
  • you found an amazing apartment for next year, and your (potential) roommates are fucking cool.
  • you are starting to date an amazing girl, and you are just beginning to appreciate it!
  • magnolia, on sale at blockbuster, for only $8.47.
  • you bought groceries and no longer have to worry about getting enough protein and calcium and candy any more, for a couple weeks.
  • you got PAID and could afford to buy groceries.
  • you hung out with amazing people tonight.
  • mickey's ice: two 40s for $5.
  • you skipped class to talk politics, and loved every minute of it.

life is FUCKING GOOD, and don't you forget it!!!

i made another e2-er feel good tonight! i need to be nicer more often!