Al Gore's choice of Joseph Lieberman is a historical event; it is the first time that a Jew has been in the presidental race. And while this sounds like a fantastic step forward from a sociological perspective, unfortunatley, I don't think that the USA will react very favorably towards the idea of a Jewish Vice-President.

Just think of all the hatemongers in this country; seeing a Jewish person on the ticket will be a motivation to vote, if only to vote against the Jew. And while, granted, having a Jewish candidate might very well sway the vote of many other Jews towards him, the number of negative voters will almost certainly outweigh the positive ones.

Now I don't know anything about Mr. Lieberman's political views, other than that he's a democrat. But I do know that he's Jewish, and despite America's claims of being socially tolerant, being so is an automatic downvote in many people's books.

So, with this recent choice, don't expect to see President Gore. It's no longer a political race; it's a matter of stupid religous affiliations taking over the country. Yet another Protestant in office... and this is separation of church and state??

Fight anti-semitism. Haven't we moved beyond this point??