Carfax is the name of the central crossroads in the centre of Oxford, UK. It is the intersection of two roads which both change their name.

  • North - Cornmarket, Pedestrianised, buses only
  • South - St. Aldates, Open to traffic.
  • East - High Street (also known as The High), Open to traffic.
  • West - Queen Street (also known as Queens), pedestrianised.

The name 'Carfax' is a corruption of the Latin Quadrifurcus, or the French "Quatre faces". What would 17th Century inhabitants make of the modern meaning of car-fax I wonder?

There is a building, referred to as Carfax Tower, on the North West corner of the junction. This is part of what was St. Martin's Church - which was demolished in 1896 for road widening. The building is now a tourist attraction.