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To outlive my elders.
Hand to hand combat, basket weaving.
Neither, tycoch.
We learn from our mistakes, so let's go out and make some.
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Well, let me see....

I'm a college student, I drink too much, sleep to much and do too much.
I get on with most people, despite my strong opinions.
I'm a nice guy once you get to know me, honest.
Besides all that I'm a William Gibson fan, I'm seriously into my Faithless, and Drum'n'Bass. Lot's of other music too, way too much. I'm an information junkie.
I take critisism well and compliments badly.

I write songs too, don't tell anyone.

30/09/01: A little progress update. I'm starting to get the hang of E2, thanks to a few of my writeups getting et. One day I'll look back and laugh, as soon as the pain inside subsides.

23/01/02:Wow, long time since I've even been here, busy bunny. Now I think I'm back and here to stay, will start noding as soon as the pain in my head begins to fade. I am no longer into drum'n'bass, my tastes have been changing, all because of a woman. *Sigh*