I've just found out something weird.

I was sitting in my room, on the internet, as you do, when I decided to chage my MSN display name to suit my mood. I decided to enlighten those who cared to look by quoting some Iggy Pop. From his song "I'm Bored", I decided to quote the opening lines: "I'm bored. I'm the chairman of the bored." when I'd finished it popped up:"The display name you chose was invalid. Please choose another display name and try again."

Initially I thought it was too long so I just changed it to "Chairman of the bored". It wouldn't take it. It was at this point I was thinking that someone at Microsoft had such a massive disliking for Iggy Pop they had systematically gone through all the lyrics to all of his songs and barring anyone from using them as their display name.

I then tried entering just "Chairman" on it's own. It won't let you. Try it yourself. Anything with "chairman" in it, even Chairman Mao! What if he comes back from the dead and decides to get and MSN account?? Will he have to write to MS and ask permission to use his own name?? And what about my friend Alex, chairman of a Welsh chapter of furries, will he have to assume a different title if ever they decide to meet online?? These are questions that need answers dammit!!

I wonder why it's barred? Maybe the chairman of MS has reserved it, who knows?

Chairman of the bored. - I have ammended the spelling of Chairman Mao, my apologies.