I was moving out of a dorm, except it wasn't as much a dorm as it was a raised platform. A ladder went down from the platform to the rest of the floor, and little children inhibited the rest of the building. While moving out, there was a fire drill, and the kids slowly sorted out. The thought crossed my head that in a real fire, they would all be dead.
When I get downstairs, I pick up a note/node announcing that some girl saw me over e2 and wants to meet up. A book is included, featuring poetry by an older lady. This wierds me out, but I agree to meet with her anyway, down at the docks. When I get to the docks, a redhead is waiting and tells me that we ought to meet some other time, making an exit with that statement.
When I return to the dorm-type-building, I run into Thad and Kyle, who are trying to arrange rides for Voodoofest. I offer to drive, but they insist on driving individually for some reason or another. Suddenly I feel left out, noticing that my dorm was the only one without a room-mate.
The lawnmower outside wakes me up.