We started in a large hotel, Alexander, my mother and I - Jessica was there, and I talked to her, we decided to walk around for a bit. She criticized my tie and offered a new one, however hers was pink so I turned it down. The hotel was huge, with the lobby reaching all the way to the top of the building (the rooms rose along the walls.
Jason and I went to voodoofest, in the parking lot we saw a two-pound bag of cocaine hanging from the tree. Everyone wanted to get it, but no one would admit to liking cocaine. This was saturday.
I was supposed to go to voodoofest with Claire alone- Claire told me we would go, but ended up spending most of the day in Mobile. The day was sunday and the last show would have been at one - she called me at four, way past the last act. We went anyway, and she looked at some of the exhibited stuff in the front of the arena.