I've been late to work three out of four times this week - and that one day everyone was late. Maybe it's because of skill, maybe because I'm a temp and a reprimandation would be a waste of time - regardless, I'm enjoying it, it's nice to be able to show up late without being hassled - I was almost fired from Circuit City for being perpetually late. But that's just how I am, it's a bad habit - I decide to head out, but then I forget my coffee - or my keys. Or I feel the urge to check my email one last time, might as well see how my nodes are doing, well that looks interesting - and then ten minutes have passed. Terrible.

That black dog that always runs in the street in front of the Barn looks like it has rabies. I've never seen that bitch wag its tail and it barks at everything that passes, often growling and acting like it will attack. Today, I was working on a figure by the entrance (fish) when the dog came up to the fence and started growling. On a second glance I noticed that it was foaming at the mouth. Everyone else at work just acknowledges it, after all we are working in the ghetto, people get shot everyday - no one cares about a dog with rabies.

But I do. I don't want to get 26 shots in the stomach, so I'm carrying my blade nearby. If that dog comes close...

After work I picked up Andreea's birthday present, the $270 keyboard - After a bit of haggling, I paid $250. Too bad it weighs 40 pounds, shipping will cost a nice bundle. =(