A kind of flower from the genus Gebera, sometimes called African daisies. They look like big happy daisies with many smooth outspread petals that are lovely to stroke. They come in sunny yellow, orange-yellow, evil dark pink, orange, vermilion and red, so you might be inclined to give them names like Dora, Mary, Jane, Penny, Dorothy, Betty or Natalie. Place them in a vase and move the vase wherever you settle yourself around the house and you will feel them speak to you. After buying one, it is likely to bloom even more, with the middle growing more peppered with yellow each day, till one day the petals start to fall, and your dora looks sick but still happy and still with a little of its crazy colour, like a grandmother. Experiments have not commenced but the hypothesis is that it dances most delightfully to the beatles or simon and garfunkel.