The St. Louis Terriers were a professional baseball team that played in the Federal League during the 1914 and 1915 seasons. The team was bankrolled by E.A. Steininger, Otto Stifel, and Phillip De Catesby Ball and used Handlan's Park as their home field. The Federal League was created to cash in on the popularity of baseball and many of the Terriers' players were former American League and National League players.

The first year the team was managed by Mordecai Brown, who also doubled as their pitcher. Unfortunately they lost a lot more games than they won and came in last place in their league of six teams, a mere 25 games out of first place.

During their second season they were managed by Fielder Jones and came in second place behind the Chicago Whales.

After the 1915 season the league was disbanded in a settlement with Major League Baseball and former Terriers' financier Phillip de Catesby Ball was able to purchase the St. Louis Browns as a part of the settlement.