Jumble is a slot machine produced by WMS Gaming, (the gambling branch of Williams the arcade game manufacturer). This is an electronic slot machine, with a monitor instead of actual reels (it actually has two monitors). The theme of this particular machine is that of the "Jumble" word search that appears in many newspapers. This is a nine line machine with a total of 5 reels, and different versions will accept anywhere from 1 to 90 coins. This machine is usually takes 5 cent tokens, but some casinos have 25 cent and 1 dollar versions as well.

The symbols in this game are all related to letters, words, and bees, (yes, bees, the flying insects that go "buzz"). Eventually you can get the big gameshow themed bonus round, where you get to keep selecting different cartoon bees, until you choose wrong.

This game, (like most electronic slot machines), gives the majority of it's payout through the bonus round. You will find that your money quickly goes down the drain if you do not manage to hit the bonus round from time to time. These machines were very popular when they were first released, but have been slowly dropping in popularity as of late.