The Honda Rebel is Honda's entry level motorcycle, also known as the CMX250C, it is a small cruiser type motorcycle that uses a 234cc air-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine. It is a great entry level bike and one of the cheapest motorcycles you can buy that is capable of traveling on the highway. They have a look sort of similar to a Harley Davidson, although they are quite a bit smaller. In fact a lot of users find them rather cramped, as the bike seems to be designed for people quite a bit shorter than the average human.

One interesting little bit about the Honda Rebel is that Honda started making them in 1984, stopped in 1987 and then started in again in 1996, skipped 1998, and has continued production from 1999 to the writing of this node. This would be unheard of in automotive circles, but with motorcycles you can just dust off an old design and start selling it again, even today some Chinese motorcycle companies are building clones of bikes from the 70s and even older.

I myself own a 2006 Honda Rebel in white. They usually only have two colors available per year and I didn't want black.