I usually call her Becky, but sometimes it is Ms. Helicopter, and every once in a while I'll just call her Helicopter, but a small part of me yearns to call her Rebecca.

It was Becky's 21st birthday and somehow I had become responsible for making the plans. I carefully selected the restaurant and showed up an hour early to wait for the table.

Her ex-boyfriend came. She invited him, but she didn't think he was actually going to show up. I don't like him being around, and it has nothing to do with him, because he is a great guy, I just don't like the competition. And besides, Becky admits she is still hung up on him, just like I am still hung up on Sarah.

She still sat next to me. Somehow she picked up that same exact habit from Sarah. She always sits next to me.

Later that evening we went to a bar to play pool. Ms. Helicopter had never been to a bar before, and she was embarrassed because she was wearing pink and all the pool tables were pink as well. The handsome ex-boyfriend bowed out almost as soon as we got there, and I was glad he was gone, I actually had Helicopter all to myself, the few others who had came with us went off to play shuffleboard.

Unfortunately Becky attracted the attention of some random drunk boy, who was probably quite nice when he was sober, but just came off as creepy at the moment. He stood around a while, a bit too long, more than a bit too long really. He finally made his move when I walked away. I heard him ask her if she had "a man" she said "no", he asked for her phone number, she said no, and he wandered off.

Becky is so naive sometimes, she was sheltered, and thus she oftens misses the significance of things. Last year she overheard someone use the word boner and she didn't even know what it meant.

She didn't see, and didn't understand the significance of two things that happened in the bar. You see we looked like we were together. It was just the two of us, we were flirting mildly. We looked like a couple, so that other guy should have never approached her in the first place. She didn't understand that until I pointed it out to her.

She caught the second thing after I told her the first. She said, "We did look like we were together", and then she apologized, without mentioning what for, but we both knew what it was for.

A bit later we finished up, Becky thanked me for the evening, and we both left for our respective homes.

I usually just call her Becky, sometimes Helicopter, but I really just want to call her Rebecca.