One of my biggest hobbies is using Adobe Photoshop. What I do with Photoshop is make pictures. Nude pictures. I will spend hours working on a single picture. It may start out as porn. But it is completely different by the time I am done. I usually start with a picture off one porn site or another. But the first thing I do is remove everything from the picture except for the girl I am concerned with. (I always use pictures where the girl isn't actually doing anything sexual to begin with). Then I will go over the picture with a fine toothed comb, smoothing the girls skin out, removing tattoos, etc. (The blur tool in Photoshop is great for smoothing out skin).

Finally I am ready to actually make my picture. Which may take days. Sometimes I use natural environments, sometimes the girl will be someplace totally strange. But when I am done I believe I have created a piece of art.

I will usually print my picture up on photo paper and hang it up near my desk. Then my roommate Tammy walks by and says, "There goes Paige with the Porn again".

So why is a picture of a nude woman considered pornography by some many people, and why is it art if it is in black and white, or in the form of a painting? Should I spend my spare time working on pictures of kittens and puppies instead? Or should I continue doing what I want to do despite what other people think? I already know what I will continue to do. I just wish the world could be as open minded.