I had never exhanged so much as a msg with Hermetic. Although he would always say hello whenever I would log on to #everything. When I saw that he had died, I said to myself, "That Sucks". Then I proceded to his homenode to read his final nodes. To see what I had missed.

I read September 9, 2001, and I began to get a sense for how much he cared about the people here.

I continued back a few more nodes. I got a sense of his problems, and of what an asset he was to E2, and to the world. But I still didn't have any emotions attached to him yet.

Then I came to Everything is a Community. I saw my name listed in that wonderful node. Then I started crying. Somehow that made it real for me, more real than all the people who died in the World Trade Center, more real than the thousands of people who die each day that I have never had the pleasure of knowing.

Everything is a Community, and we have lost one of our finest members. I don't know how to end this, so I will simply end it here.

For Hermetic