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Passingpleasures was born on Monday, March 1st of 2004 after much lurking about in the E2 community. She pecked out a few fledgling nodes, got entirely consumed with life, and forgot all about her identity.

In the years to follow, she would drop in and out of E2 to lurk about some more, reading a little here, laughing some there, crying a bit in between, and generally drooling over sneff's recipes, both in written form and after they had passed from tongue to stomach.

Just over six years after her birth into everything2, she would stumble upon her old identity once more. A few clicks around in idle moments whilst rabbiting landed her right in the middle of one of her own nodes. A few more clicks, and she would discover that she had put down four of them.
Were they good?
That's up to y'all.

Will she change them?
A meijer utility worker no longer exists as it once was, but for prosperity, the record must be kept.
Andy in the dark will always be Andy in the dark, even if he is no longer in mine.
The mirror and the black book, although poorly written, is also minimal, bare and rough in a way that is not altogether horrible. Am I proud of it? No. But it is true and it serves as a good place marker in otherwise dark and seldom looked upon pages.
And cheesecake? Well, you just can't argue with cheesecake.

So there it is. She began, never really got what you'd call a good start, and then slipped into obscurity.

Is she back?
Life will usually give you a second chance.