Venipuncture is the procedure of opening a vein for the process of medication / fluid administration or drawing blood.

Procedures for venipuncture vary, but are basic in nature.

1) Take universal precaution to isolate yourself from any body fluids.

2) Prepare equipment; you will need at a minimum, catheter, syringe, I.V. administration set or vacutainers for blood draws.

3) Probe site with most sensitive finger for the vein you wish to use.

4) Clean site with isopropyl alcohol using circular inside out motion. (Once cleaned, do not re-probe - you will have to clean again)

5) Place needle at 15 degree angle to skin, in one smooth motion, advance needle into vein.

6) Secure site and perform function.
NOTE: Consult health care providor, or supervisor before performing this procedure. This procedure should only be performed by a licensed health care providor.