Refers to the brand of Cantonese language pop music that can be heard in many parts of Asia but mostly produced in Hong Kong. Like most pop music that you hear in North America and Europe, Cantopop is also slickly produced and packaged, to the point where it becomes a bland copy of everything all sounds like Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, and David Foster. Only Cantopop can allow actors and actresses to also lead successful dual lives in acting and music...which isn't something that you see very much of here (successfully, anyway).

As well, Cantopop has an annoying habit of "remaking" English tunes. Now, I don't mind a good cover tune when it's well done, but not when you take the complete song, note for note, production for production, and simply add your own Chinese language lyrics and vocals to's not original, it's karaoke. One of the biggest Cantopop stars, Faye Wong, did this a lot...her first album had her ripping off Tori Amos ("Silent All These Years") and The Cranberries ("Dream").