My sister's due date was yesterday and when I went to her house for dinner I found her having contractions every 3 - 6 minutes. About eight o'clock, she called her doctor who told her to go to the hospital, as it may be her time. Unfortunately though her contractions continue there is no other progress. The doctor gave us hope in saying that most women do not make it to an induction (which she has scheduled for next Thursday). We are worried that like all of my mothers female siblings, she simply will not progress and may require a c-section, but the doctor assures us that those types of things are not passed on. We went home, sister with some ambien so she could hopefully sleep through the contractions.

I know this is old-hat, been-there-done-that stuff for many. I'm a first timer, being this close to a birth. Thanks to everyone who is indulging my silliness.