(1906 - 1980)
Jacqueline Cochran was the first woman to break the speed of sound in 1953 and author of the book The Stars at Noon.

other accomplishments:

  • director of the Women's Air Force Service Pilots in World War II.
  • first woman to win the Bendix Transcontinental Air Race in 1938.
  • established a woman's altitude record in 1939.
  • the first woman to pilot a bomber across the North Atlantic.
  • awarded the Distinguished Service Medal in 1945.
  • became the Chair of the National Aeronautic Commission in 1971.
  • in 1971 was was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame (the first living woman to receive that honour).
  • when she died, she held more speed, altitude and distance records than any other pilot, female or male.