so my dog only looks stupid. every day before I go to work I put him in his crate -- with so much to do and me not around, he'll chew miscellaneous things up. he goes in willingly and lays down calmly, making no fuss as i walk out the door.

yesterday i thought it was a fluke. that i hadn't properly latched the door. so this morning i made extra sure to properly close the crate door before i left. it was closed. but again today he was right at the front door, greeting me as i came home. oh the horror, he has figured out how to let himself out.

as his owner, of course i'm a bit proud. i feel vindicated in defending him when my boyfriend would call him stupid. he isn't stupid, just goofy.

maybe calling him smart is an overstatement, but i don't know. see, in order to open the door you have to lift the handle and slide it to the right (or to the left, if you're inside the crate as cozmo is). the door doesn't quite hang right and so the latch is pretty difficult to push, enough so that i use both hands (one to lift the door slightly, one to slide the latch). But somehow he's doing it -- without the benefit of opposable thumbs.

i'm tempted to put him in the crate and see if he'll do it, but i don't want to encourage him to do this. i don't quite know how to remedy this, maybe a strategically placed bungie cord or a string to tie the latch closed.

good dog.