Zuntata is the sound development team of the Japanese arcade company Taito formed in 1987. They are propably best known for their music for the Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble series, but they have also composed soundtracks for newer games like Night Striker, Raystorm and Battle Gear. Zuntata creations for cute games like Bubble Bobble or Liquid Kids are usually happy bubbling pop tunes while the soundtracks for action games like Darius and Night Striker often include darker synth songs. In 1996 Taito established a record label, Zuntata records, which has released over 50 albums of the team's video game soundtracks since. The Zuntata team also performs live about once a year. (I'd certainly like to see them on stage... Spare flight tickets to Japan, anyone? :)

Zuntata team has its own web site at http://www.taito.co.jp/ztt/zuntata.html. They also have a fan site (http://www.bubandbob.com/) which in addition to Zuntata music and remixes also hosts loads of information about Taito games in general.