Drum Corp Associates
A competitive circuit for senior drum and bugle corps. Unlike junior corp senior corp has no age restriction on it's membership.
It is broken down into 2 classes of competition, Class A and Open Class. Open class is for larger, more experienced drum corps and has a size limit of 135. Class A is primarily for newer corps and carries a size limit of 65. Size is total for all performing members, color guard, hornline, and percussion.

Present Member Corps:

  • Syracuse Brigadiers
  • Reading Buccaneers
  • Harrison Bushwackers
  • Hawthorne Caballeros
  • Connecticut Huricanes
  • Rochester Crusaders
  • Empire Statesman
  • Grenadiers

  • Minnesota Brass Inc.
  • Renegades
  • Corp Vets
  • Skyliners

For junior corp see DCI.