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March 29, 2002
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Hello, my name is ohako. Or, at least that's what they tell me.

See, there was this guy, right, named Edward Drax Plunkett (possibly with a few more names added in there, but those are the cool ones), and he was the 18th Lord Dunsany. You know, in England. He was a fantasy writer, and a very good one. My favorite of his is a collection of short stories entitled The Hashish Man, and while I think there are rather too many stories about astral travel by eating hashish, there's one about a pirate captain taking his cutthroat crew across the Sahara by boat. There's also one about the gentlemen's club of the Olympic pantheon. Also in England.

Wait, where was I? Back where I was...right. Lord Dunsany wrote this book called The King of Elfland's Daughter. Of course, the king's daughter is a princess (I mean, unless she was a bastard, but that doesn't have to do with anything). The elf princess's name was Lirazel. Right. Yes. Lirazel. When me and my mother first came onto the mighty Internet many eons ago, she chose 'Lirazel' to be her avatar in this cyber-realm. You can find her even today. She mostly hangs out at If you meet her, pretend to be Xellos from Slayers and hit her on the head with a mallet made from the crystal heart of a dragon. Trust me, you'll blend right in.

::blink so like when I was told to go get an e-name for myself I was feeling really bored and lazy that day. I mean honestly, if I'm 'Ketchup' now, and I want to be 'Mustard' later, I'm sorta up the creek, you know? Like from that scene in Good Omens, when the bikers are picking out their names. You know the bit. Right. Anyway, take 'Lirazel'. Now, on your qwerty keyboard, take each letter sequentially, and go up and a little to the left. You should get 'O84qa3o'. If you didn't...well...frankly I don't care. Make that first 'O' lowercase and you have my first psuedonym, 'o84qa3o'. Like I said, I was lazy that day.

Now when I say that was my _first_ name, I mean it, because someone else (I won't say who!) on the limitless Internet decided that it was a lame thing to call myself, and told me to change it. They also told me that they always pronounced my name (I never did...why did they? Did they like to talk to their computer screen hoping I would hear them? Eeeww...) as 'ohako', so I stole their idea and changed my name to that immediately.

Later on I found out that 'ohako' in Japanese means 'one's favorite stunt or hobby'. So, groovy, my name means something after all. YAY!!

And that's the story of my internet psuedonym, which you wanted to know anyway. If you're here for the dark heart buttons, this little rant is to prove to you that yes, Virginia, I really do exist and am not trolling for snailmail addresses. I actually throw that information away when I'm done with it. My email address is

Thank you.