I don't normally node dream logs, but last night was a strange one. First, I dreamt that Cool Man Eddie paid me a visit. There was little difference between what was happening on my computer and what was happening in real life, so I could not distinguish whether Eddie was a physical being or a digital construct. Anyway, four of my nodes got C!s in one day. Truly, it was a dream.

Then a memory passed into my high school math class. I was sitting there, bored to tears, and my buddy, Joe, passes me a note. It's the beginning of a newsletter. The newsletter encouraged people to commit suicide. There were articles on methods, things to watch out for, common mistakes people made, lists of the most popular methods, etc. But the main thrust was that the reader's life was pathetic, absurd, and pointless, so there was nothing lost in ending it. We passed it back and forth while the teacher was not looking and added to it. Eventually, it was two or three handwritten pages.

Now, this really happened way back in 1987 during my sophomore year. This realization hit me, and I separated from my dream consciousness into a meta-consciousness, for lack of a better term. I was multithreading, in a sense. Though in the dream, I was laughing my ass off, my over-mind was thinking about how, if this had happened post-Columbine instead of in 1987, we would have likely been expelled for writing and distributing such dreck. Then a sadness crept over my meta-mind, as my dream-self was dragged to the principal's office. What was I thinking? What if someone read it and acted on it? No one acted on it, to our knowledge, except for our teacher, principal, and counselors. They made sure we weren't suicidal and then punished us with in-school suspension.

I awoke fifteen minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I was sad. My mind wandered and ultimately wondered whatever became of Joe and our newsletter. I think the administration confiscated it and destroyed it, but then I think I remembered that an office aide friend of ours smuggled it out for us.

With all these thoughts running through my mind, I got ready for work.