Revolution Summer, a.k.a. Emo Summer or Emo Revolution, was the name given to the summer of 1985 in the Hardcore scene.

This was due to the appearance of a new punk/hardcore sub-genre of music called Emo.

Suddenly, bands from ex-members of hardcore bands started making music with sung vocals about personal issues and more melody based songs, heavy on emotion.

Some of the most important bands in this revolution were: Embrace (with Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat/Straight edge fame); Rites of Spring (with Guy Picciotto); Ignition; Dag Nasty; etc.

Nowadays Emo has extended its wings to different styles like Indie Rock, Hardcore, Rock and even Pop. But I think that every emo kid should know about this summer were it all started.

The name Emo Summer is also used to describe the summer of 1995, the last summer where original emo music was played, after that all the old and/or good bands least that's what the old school says.

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