Classes are really hard this year. I am taking only freshman classes at that. I think that since it's an actual declared major, they're trying to get as many kids as possible to drop. They call the kids in my major "pre-history, pre-business, pre-Christian thought". It's scary when by the end of spring semester, you'll lose 1/3 of your class. It's scary when your class is like 90 people to begin with.

I'm a biology major…. I'm sitting in my 9am biology class. This teacher is actually really boring. I kind of wanted him to shut up about… 45 minutes ago. I'm glad he is almost done. I swear, if he didn’t tell those stupid stores that made you ask "what is he talking about, and how does this relate to what we were learning?" we'd be in chapter 14 by now.

Sitting here… listening to this teacher makes me realize the importance of distractions. I enjoy the internet, but unfortunately, there is none in here. I definitely enjoy the card games that came with windows. I am getting better at them. Cannot wait till break. I've been counting the days, only 16 more days.

I'm ahead in my reading finally. This is good news. Tonight I vow to work on my chemistry homework, and sit down with the teacher before it is due so that I actually know what I am doing wrong for once.

This is my life, and it's ending one minute at a time

I am looking forward to going to calculus later today, and getting my test score back, no… wait not really. The last test we (as a class took), the class average was a 61%. How is that acceptable on the part of the teacher?

Grove City College, where your best hasn’t been good enough since 1876.

I'd drop out if I wasn’t more stubborn. I'm not use to not being the smartest person in my class. I'm not use to struggling to keep ahead. Homework? What's that?

If I was at any other school, I wouldn’t have to work for my degree. I wouldn’t have to ….