Union des Etudiants Juifs de France (Union of French Jewish Students)

An organization known for its numerous "antinazi" and often misguided trials, and now known to be attacking Yahoo for allowing Third Reich items to be sold on its online auction site.

No matter what your opinion is about this action, it's interesting to notice that UEJF has already lost two Internet-related trials.

The first was in 1997, and directed towards Altern.org, which was hosting French artist Costes' website. On this site, Costes, a leftist activist, was making an anti-racist statement in an ironic form. However, the message was probably too subtle for UEJF who took it seriously and sued. Oddly, they did'nt attack Costes himself who was clearly identified, but the hosting services, which was a not for profit venture. Hopefully, the court recognized the true intent of Costes and rejected UEJF's request in harsh terms.

Later, in 2000, they attacked Multimania, a for-profit, advertising-funded website hosting service à la Geocities, for having hosted a heinous pro-nazi website. Multimania actually took the site down shortly after having been notified ... but that was'nt enough for UEJF. They sued anyway, this time again, they did'nt bother to find who was behind this short lived site, which, according to the website logs, had been seen by fewer than 10 visitors. It turned out the author was a disturbed teenager. Hopefully again, the court recognized Multimania's good faith attempt to prevent the problem and rejected UEJF's request for monetary compensation.