A German crime writer born in Frankfurt in 1964. He studied in France and attended to salesmanship and other useless stuff after. In 1985 he wrote and published his first crime novel "Happy Brithday Türke!" and proved that he could write too to the elitist authorities. The character he created "Kemal Kayankaya" who was adopted by a German family after his mother has died while bearing him and his father was crushed by a car while sweeping the streets, is compared with Dashile Hammet's Sam Spade and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe. He researches the subculture of German society on behalf of a Turk but not like a teacher or a sociologist. He doesn't criticize or take one's side. The place where events took place is the undergroud world of bitches, drug addicts and sellers; formally the centre railway station of Frankfurt and environs. The film of the book in question was directed by Doris Dörrie in 1992. He wrote some other books on this serial later on.