The Hunger Site is one of hundreds of online sites that allow you to give money to charity at the click of a button, paid for by sponsors. I heard about it about two years ago, and when I remembered I would go and click on the button and have a momentary glow of feeling good.

I then got told about the UK campaign Give Water ( I was very sceptical, as I didn't understand why Thames Water couldn't just give the money to the various funds they support. I sent them a rather cutting e-mail inquiring about this, and had a very detailed reply. The online charities are trying to raise awareness. They are sponsored by big companies who can afford to give. This dosen't devalue your donation. It's like writing a letter on someone's behalf to Amnesty International. If they're going to give money for a few minutes of your time and benefit the world as a whole, then surely it is better to click?

For a great list of online donation sites see free donation.

I'm a student. I'm hugely in debt. I don't have the big bucks to make any kind of difference to a charity, but I can give my time so that somebody else does. We all talk about the state of the world and how we'd like to change it, but words are meaningless without actions.

Click because you can.