Lightyear were possibly one of the best UK ska punk bands. They formed in 1998, in Derby, England, and consist of 7 members:
  • Ben Ashton – Tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
  • Neil Cowie – Guitar, additional vocals
  • Neil Draycott – Acoustic guitar, trumpet
  • Jim Harrison – Drums
  • Chas Palmer-Williams - Vocals
  • Mark Wood - Trumpet
  • Richard Barling – Bass and backing vocals
The band also had various guest members

They released two albums and a split EP, with Evil Macaroni, before splitting up in 2003.
They toured with many popular ska and punk bands, including Capdown, Save Ferris and Goldfinger.

The band re-formed in 2006 to do a 12 day tour, including an appearance at Reading and Leeds Festival
Lightyear were known for their live performances, where they were often naked.

Call of the Weasel Clan (Household Name Records, 2001)
Chris Gentlemens Hairdresser and Railway Book Shop (Household Name Records, 2003)

Lightyear Vs. Evil Macaroni (Positive Outlook, 2000)

Just Another Demonstration (Self-released, 2000)