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Linux user willing to acknowledge the apsects of his OS which suck, and therefore improve them. Believes programming is, shock horror, not the greatest human pursuit of all time, and that programmers make very bad journalists, lawyers, and all the other things Slashdot folk pretend to be at various times.

Perfers kuro5hin, but karma whores on Slashdot because he is mentally weak. Has a plus two bonus, so neh.

Hates the FHS, because it isn't heirarchical (explain how man is a sibling of doc, rather than a child) or systemic (what the fuck is `optional'? If /opt contains self contained user apps, it should be labelled as such. Hates /etc, wants a standard DTD for text files, stored in /conf. Thinks Windows Media Player rocks, and works on documenting Xine (a DVD, MPEG 1,2,4, DivX ;-), and WMF player for Linux) to contribute to making something as good for Linux.

Hopes the difference between GTK and QT apps, and the desktop environment you run them under, will become about the same as the difference between MFC and VCL toolkit using apps under Windows. That's `what difference'?

Collects surrealist art by Mark Ryden. Likes spending time with women. Hates superficial people, which ironically often exist in the most superficially stereotyped communities. I often meet goths who decide others immediately aren't valuable people because that day they happen to be wearing a suit. Likerwise I hate the Linux users who assume because Windows implements a concept it immediately is a bad idea to implement the same concept in Linux.

Thinks the commonly used rwxs permission system is pathetic and weak. Wants Linux Trustees to be part of a 3.0 kernel.

Prefers Linux over Windows. Is waiting for Linux Mandrake to implement apt.