Navia Dratp (nah-vee-ah drap) is a collectable minature game very similar to chess. The game was released at the GenCon convention in 2004.

The game consists of two players, each in control of things called Gulleds, Maseitai (mah-say-tie), and a Navia for your "king" piece. The Gulleds are in essence your pawns, and you get one point, or Gyulla (Gee-ah), for every move you make with a Gulled. Maseitai are your powerful pieces that can be summoned into the game and used to your advantage, similar to the other pieces of chess (rook, bishop, knight). You use the points earned by your Gulleds to "Dratp" (upgrade) your Maseitai. This allows them to increase their range of motion or grant implement special abilities.

There are three ways you can win in Navia Dratp.

  • 1. Put your opponent in checkmate.
  • 2. Earn 60 points, and dratp your Navia to win.
  • 3. When all your Maseitai are dead or in play, you can move your Navia to the opposite side of the board to win.

There are plans for expansions to the game every year or so, including new Maseitai, and new Navias.