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Now that I have your attention, let me tell you all my flaws! I am one of those people whoms actions cause a 'what the fuck?' response. I get it alot. I have many likes and dislikes, which vary over time as my behaviours and beliefs evolve and dissonance takes place. I like honest song lyrics that describe universal truths. They stimulate my mind and cast me into romantic daydreams. I also like watching beheading videos. (NB; Truth does not equal honesty) I enjoy crude jokes and verbal abuse. I'll open a can of tough cunt if you want beef, but only if my friends and I outnumber you. I cannot decide on whether I'd rather be a monogamous type or a man-slut. They both have their rewards. I desire all females in they age group of 16 to 46. I'll fornicate with anyone who qualifies. However, if someone is highly unfortunate in appearance, it is paramount that they are sworn to secrecy. I will usually have an infatuation for a random girl at any given time and I will designate her the girl of my REM sleep phase. This tends to lasts for about a month. Beta waves all the way! I don't have much to offer in the way of material possessions and desirable social status. However, I wouldn't just give what I do have away unless you are extremely charming. I am doomed to die alone. Though maybe that's how I want it? I am annoying, unsure of myself and frigid. What you see of me on E2 is the best of me. If I appear to be any less than what you like in a person, then run the other way. In reality, I am not even close to the flawed perception that I present!