ColorTouch is a brand of enamel spray paint. I found several cans of their Sun Yellow (10003) at a local Dollar Store, and proceeded to snap them up with all speed. Shopping for paint, like any form of thrift store shopping, can have some great surprises...

According to the can, ColorTouch is manufactured by NYBCO, a division of United Coatings, Inc., Kankakee, IL. There is no date on the can, but it looks to be manufactured sometime in the late '90s.

The weight of the cans is 11 oz. (312 g), and they accept most replacement spray tips. In the field, I found the quality of the paint to be quite acceptable, on par with the Sun Yellow in Wal-Mart's ColorPlace line. The annoying "sausage link" effect of Wal-Mart paint, however, is absent in these cans.

I don't expect to see this paint again, but I would definitely buy it if I did. The verdict: decent quality at a bargain price.